Recycled Waste in the Construction Business

Products like wall cladding have  various qualities. This wall claddings and fascias are likewise popular and the construction market is a significant customer of plastic.

Plastic has a track record as a non-recyclable and environment hostile product. It remains in this context that the project to recycle plastic and construction waste from recycled plastic presumes excellent significance.

Wall claddings, fascias and soffits can be made from recycled plastic. Other building and construction items made from recycled plastic consist of moist evidence membranes, water drain, pipelines and ducting, kerbstones, roof products, stacking and ground stabilization, scaffolding slabs, decking and floor coverings and fencing.

Sources for Recycled Plastic Raw Materials

Post-consumer and industrial plastic waste is the primary source of recycled plastic. Often, this recycled plastic is mixed with recycled wood to make a wood-polymer composite.

Plastic bottles, bags, CD cases, vending cups and food product packaging yield polystyrene for recycling. Recyclable PVC are taken from windows and commercial items.

Why Use Recycled Plastic Products?

Certain organisation advantages can be acquired from utilizing recycled plastic items.

EXPENSE: Recycled plastic items are long-lived and resilient, do not require much support and don’t disintegrate. The life time expenses of recycled plastic items will be lower and they will be exceptional worth for cash.

STRENGTH AND VERSATILITY: Plastic has high strength-to-weight ratio. Plastic is flexible with a broad variety of construction items being made with recycled plastic.

CHOICE IN TENDERS: Public sector agreements are much easier to win if you are utilizing ecologically sustainable items. Even economic sector companies are starting to provide choice to specialists with a track record for utilizing recycled items.

CONTRIBUTION TO ENVIRONMENT: By utilizing recycled plastic items, you are informing the world that you take care of the environment. This can go a long method in creating goodwill that can benefit your company.

Recycled plastic items need little nurture and maintenance, are inert and do not contaminate water bodies or soil, and can be completely recycled at the end of the day.


Recycling utilized plastic customer and commercial items is a must. Numerous plastic item producers utilize recycled plastic as basic material, sourcing their requirements from plastic waste such as bottles, CD cases and disposed of commercial plastic items. Lots of recycled plastic items are now utilized by the construction industry.